Grace HOOPER?! It’s Grace HOPPER! Get it right!!

grace-hopper-1Well, I have seen some disrespectful news, but I just saw a “ticker” from a major news network (I will not say the name, but the three initials start with “N”), that said a new Center for Cybersecurity was going to be inaugurated at the Naval Academy in Maryland under the name of Grace HOOPER.  The problem is that the name of this giant of computing is Grace HOPPER.  She went from enlisted to “star” officer in the Navy and was responsible for actually making the COBOL computer language (look it up — big stuff here!).

I was so angry when I saw this misspelling of this great lady’s name.  In a world that is priding itself on possibly electing the first woman President, it forgets that there are women that have paved the way for the women now to make an even larger impact on the world.  The sad thing about the injustice that this news agency did to this very important and famous woman is that they forget that there is a SHIP NAMED AFTER HER (specifically a guided missile destroyer)!  That’s right, a US Navy ship bears her last name (  Heaven forbid that we should get it right on some news ticker!

It is astounding to me that there is someone not checking these tickers to make sure that they get this name correct.  Computer scientists and computer enthusiasts should be offended at this, but to tell the truth I do not know how many of them know that Grace Hopper was so important in their career field.  I am hoping I am wrong and plenty of computing enthusiasts will say they knew who she was.  If not, it is time everyone knew!

There are others that people forget.  For instance, who was the first one to popularize a “pie chart?”  You read this right — who was the first person to make the pie chart popular?

Give up? (Or did you look it up to make sure you got it right?)

It is Florence Nightingale, the nurse who took data and visualized it so that she could get soap for the operating and diagnostic area of the hospital where she worked.

Let’s get this stuff correct, folks.  I have no idea who Grace HOOPER is, but Grace HOPPER is a great pioneer in computers and deserves at least a second look at the spelling of her name.

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2 thoughts on “Grace HOOPER?! It’s Grace HOPPER! Get it right!!

  1. Chris – Your passion for truth is refreshing, but alas, we live in a world that is not that interested in the truth. Researching topics, completing foundational research to ensure the accuracy of information, requires time and effort. Most people aren’t interested in expending resources to verify something they read, heard, or posted online, they just want to their topic posted.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for being a guardian of the truth!



  2. Your passion for truth is refreshing, but alas, we live in a world that is not that interested in the truth. Researching topics, and completing tedious foundational searches to verify information, requires time and effort, not something people are willing to invest in these days. If they can share, post, or repeat it from the Web, then it must be true, right?

    Keep up the great work as a guardian of truth!



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