Using a Game Keypad for Passwords

I wanted to make a strong password without forgetting the password in the process.  I specifically needed something that would not “linger” on the computer where an intruder could find the passwords, and I did not want to have several passwords in the “cloud” under one key that could be broken and then all my passwords exposed (see my previous blog on Ali Baba).


The solution it seemed was in the same keypad used by gamers to compile “macros” that would save keystrokes for complicated games (i.e. pressing the CTRL key while holding down the SHIFT and DELETE keys to fire a weapon).  So, when looking for a solution, this looked like a good alternative.  I purchased a GENOVATION keypad from AMAZON, which cost me about 80 dollars at that time, but I noticed that they have gone up in price since that time.  I then plugged it into a computer that I do not put on the internet and then program the macro generator with passwords that are sometimes 30 characters long with random letters, numbers, and special characters.  Then I go to the site, put in my userid and when I get to the text, I press the appropriate key and the password is inserted and I am into my account.

Because the hardware is not connected past the submission, the file is not placed on the computer I am using for the account and then I unplug the hardware and put it aside for the next use.

Some disadvantages:

(1) I cannot carry the keyboard with me (it is about the size of a book) so it is not really portable.

(2) I can only use it from home, which actually suits me fine since I have no intention of going into my bank account from some hotel wi-fi.

An advantage I failed to mention was that this keypad can be adapted to an iPhone to put your passwords in at home.  Again, portability is an issue, but I am looking into other Genovation products that are smaller and you could possibly carry with you.  The main concern is that the smaller the keypad is, the more likely that it may become stolen which could be a problem if you have the keys plainly labeled with things like “bank” or “credit card.”  I am doing some more research on this and will share that as I go.

Thanks for reading and remember

Learn, Offer, Value, and Educate


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